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We will be holding a very important board/general meeting next Tuesday evening, October 3rd, 6pm at Mountain Mike's Pizza in Paradise. We will be focusing on our 2024 event schedule

Results of our Amaze Days 2023 Summer series:

25/under Division:

1st: Aubrey Hanski 171 points

2nd: Rylie Stafford 170 points

3rd: Emma Hanski 129 points

4th: Mikki Clifford 104 points

5th: Payton Bascherini 99

26-45 Division:

1st: Chantelle Eldridge 133 pts

2nd: Crystal Gray(Muffin) 115

3rd: Jennifer Braswell 111 pts

4th: Christina Mote 106 pts

5th: Crystal Gray(Buckle) 85

46-59 Division:

1st: Tammy Wallers 149 points

2nd: Scarlett Miller(Tinny) 123

3rd: Cheryl Braswell 117 pts

4th: Kellie Jespersen 102 pts

5th: Scarlett Miller (Hope) 98

60/over Division:

1st: Helen Wentz 194 pts

2nd: Tammy Hahn 167 pts

3rd: Chuck Fairbank 150 pts

4th: Dorothy Foster 100 pts

5th: Judy Orlando 94 pts


Liam Gray

Riley Dihel

Thanks again to Golden West Stable for sponsoring our beautiful buckles! We had 29 riders sign up for our series and every qualified rider received an award!

Here are some pictures from our last show and the winners


Our first Sponsorship for our Saddle Series, scheduled for May 20th & 21st. A huge shout out to Andy and Cyndy Gilbert for always being there to support our club!

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